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Welcome to the PSYCHIATRY

Remember your SEDATIVES

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WELCOME to 痛剤 「chiryou-shitsu」, a Livejournal community dedicated to the Japanese rock band, LuLu. It was created on 11.04.2007, by sia.

LuLu is made up of 4 permanent members, and a support drummer. They formed in 2005, and the current line-up features;

Vocal :: 科 たぁ院長 [Surgicial Doctor; Taa]
Guitar :: 科 戒斗医師 [Intern Doctor; Kaito]
Guitar :: 神科 達郎医師 [Psychiatry Doctor; Tatsurou]
Bass :: 児科 yu-ki医師 [Paediatrics Doctor; yu-ki]
ポートDrums :: 腔外科 抄成医師 [Dental Doctor; Shounari]
Quick note; These might not all be 100% correct, as I have not seen any official note of how to pronounce all of these names, and there are several variations.

LuLu's theme, if you hadn't noticed, is hospitals and the medical profession. This is repeatedly reflected in their musics, lyrics, outfits, and general [site] writings, and comments.

For the time being, there aren't too many rules, so if I find any one breaking them, there's not much of an excuse. Most are common sense, anyway.

o1. No flaming, or being rude to other members. That's pretty self-explanatory, isn't it? I want this to be a FRIENDLY community; No bitching, no arguing. If you want to go cause drama, do it elsewhere. I will ban you, I don't care the reason behind. Arseholes are not something I like.
o2. Media posts are to be friends locked. Again, easy to understand. If you have a song, pv, album - whatever release to post, post it as a friends only post. Leechers aren't something I'm fond of either. The same goes for scans and image posts.
o3. No Requests Sorry, but it's irritating to see a community taken up by a million requests. If someone wants to share media, they'll share it, requests or no. Also, there are plenty of request communities; go look in one of those.
o4. No pointless advertising I personally, do NOT like real-person RP comms, so if you want to advertise one of those, NOT here. If you want to advertise a rotation/band community, make sure that it is LULU related. I don't want off-band posts if it can be helped.

There, that's it. Nice and painless, really. If you do break one of those rules, I will speak to you about it, and delete your post. After 3 warnings, you will be banned. The only exception is the first rule, as it depends on how severe the flamin and discourtesy is.

Now that's out of the way, I don't want to scare anyone away; I'm generally fairly easy to get along with, I just expect certain standards.

SO. If you like LuLu, join~

This post isn't a necessity, but I thought it would be something to get the ball rolling so far as people joining, and so on, and also give me something of an idea as to what members would like to see.
Obviously, I plan on posting news, scans, lyrics etc as and when I have them, but I'd like to know what you do actually want.

The layout is from a code by spire

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治療室;;first infection

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